Community Service

Expo Fresh growers have been working and dedicating their time and energy to create positive changes for workers in the local area. The commitment is exemplified as growers and employees participate in projects for the community. 

Expo Fresh invests in programs designed to strengthen local economic and social development. The Company has been working to positively impact the local community as they help in many different activities.




In coordination with the Staff of the IV Sanitary Jurisdiction of ISESALUD, and with Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Expo Fresh Growers collaborate in medical groups that include free basic care.


Expo Fresh commitment to local community is expressed though their commitment with schools and Federal Government. In coordination with Federal Government Agencies such as CONEFE and local schools.


Expo Fresh growers are committed to the sustainable utilization of water. We foresee a future where agricultural water is managed effectively in our growing while ensuring local communities’ resources. 

Free of Child Labor

Our growers promote the adoption of good labor practices, to avoid systematically and permanently the use of child labor in the areas and internal processes, both production and distribution , marketing and service.

Family Responsible Company

Our Growers share a commitment to encourage good working practices in matters of gender equality, prevention and combat to workplace violence and sexual harassment, as well as actions and policies to encourage workers to meet their family responsibilities.

Holiday Season

Every year, all of our GROWERS employees receive a much needed basic food for holiday cheer!