Our Story

“Our Story started over sixty years ago”

Expo Fresh is a third-generation family owned and operated business that began farming in Baja Mexico over sixty years ago. In recent years, the Company has greatly expanded and its heritage continues to thrive the next generation. Expo Fresh is committed to provide high quality products to their customers through the highest standards of food safety.

“Expo Fresh is focused on growing high quality products to ensure customer satisfaction”

The Company is very proud of the loyalty and close relationship established with their customers. Over the years, Expo Fresh growers have developed new technical procedures and methods of farming to improve the quality of the product grown. The Company will continue to implement new technology and improving agricultural practices to expand recognition for produce from Expo Fresh.

The Legacy

“Mr Salvador García spent his entire life working on his true passion”

Our Founder, Mr Salvador Garcia was a self made man who was very passionate about growing. Through determination, hard work, and intelligence, he became a successful businessman. He spent his entire life tirelessly doing what he loved the most, which was FARMING.

Our Harvest

“Product Quality Starts in the Fields”

Expo Fresh has always been deeply involved in the growing and packing of their products and has constantly strived to improve quality.

Growing begins with selection of the best varieties and the incorporation of the latest technological practices to produce outstanding products. This would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our loyal growers.

Expo Fresh offers a selection of Strawberries, Tomatoes, Blueberries and Grapes. Blueberries are the newest berry to join our Expo Fresh family.

“Taking Steps to become more Socially Responsible and Sustainable”

Expo Fresh growers are committed to develop and implement the latest in irrigation technology intended to conserve water. Community initiatives include projects to enhance the quality of living for the surrounding areas, the implement of the latest in irrigation technology intended to conserve water and constantly working to provide a greener living are steps that Expo Fresh growers are taking to become a more sustainable and socially responsible Company. 

The New Generation

Our growers are committed to grow the best products protecting our family heritage for future generations.  The best and most sustainable farms are the ones that focus on the right blend of economic and environmental  sustainability.

At Expo Fresh, our mission is to deliver our produce as fresh as possible.  We recently built a modern cooler facility near all of our grower’s fields, to get the product from the field and chilled to the perfect temperature as quick as possible.

“At Expo Fresh we are able to deliver fresh produce the same day from our fields in Baja Mexico to our customers in the United States if required”