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Our growers are committed to grow the best products protecting our family heritage and land for future generations.


Expo Fresh is a third-generation family owned and operated business that began farming in Baja Mexico over sixty years ago.

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Expo Fresh provides traceability of produce from each individual package to the picker in the field. That kind of accuracy is important in tracking down health and safety issues. With unique QR CODE on each pack contains details about its harvest so consumers are assured that their produce is traceable.

High Quality

Expo Fresh is focused on growing high quality products to ensure customer satisfaction

Socially Responsible

Taking Steps to become more Socially Responsible and Sustainable

Food Safety

Expo Fresh is working closely with their growers to be leaders in food safety and supply chain security procedures.

Expo Fresh

Agriculture &
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Expo Fresh has always been deeply involved in the growing and packing of their products and has constantly strived to improve quality.

Growing begins with selection of the best varieties and the incorporation of the latest technological practices to produce outstanding products.

This would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our loyal growers.

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Expo Fresh

At Expo Fresh, our commitment to food safety is an integral part of our philosophy.

Certified Organic

Crops are organic when they are grown on a piece of land without any non-organic material applied to the land for the past three years.

Fair Trade Certified

Expo Fresh is committed to the well-being of all the growers employees and their communities.

Our Recipes


In recent years, a group of chefs in Baja have created the concept of the BAJA MED cuisine: a blend of Mexican, Mediterranean and Oriental influences. Their cuisine is based on fresh local produce from the region. This concept has been driven by local chefs who are now being recognized all over the world.

“I was impressed with the do-it-yourself attitude of the chefs, they are cooking and innovating as they can for the Mexican customers, and parts of Baja, Mexico are starting to remind me of Tuscany”

Anthony Bourdain


“Just a two-hour drive south of San Diego across the Mexican border lies a peaceful Baja California valley brimming with ripened grapes, delicious wines and gourmet cuisine concocted from the freshest of fresh local ingredients”

Forbes Travel Guide

"Our goal is to give an expression of what is Baja California for people who visit us for the first time and test our foods acquire a kind of summary of what awaits them in the region”

Diego Hernandez

Chef Corazón de Tierra