Fair Trade

When you see a product with the Fair Trade Certified label, you can be sure it meets rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards. 

That means:

Expo Fresh is committed to the well-being of all the growers employees and their communities. In 2017, one of our growers joined FAIR TRADE.

Community investment is a pillar of Fair Trade impact. Through the Community Development Fund, workers democratically determine their biggest areas of need and what to invest in. Many of the benefits of fair trade are a result of this.

How does Fair Trade Program work?

CERTIFICATION: The Fair Trade Certification ensure compliance with fair trade standards and sell to market partners.

MARKET PARTNERS: Market Partners purchase products labeled Fair Trade Certified and pay the Fair Trade Premium.

COLLECT PREMIUM: As products are sold as Fair Trade Certified, money generated by the Fair Trade Premium returns back to the growers and directed into a Community Development Found.

FAIR TRADE COMMITTEE: A Fair Trade Committee is democratically elected by the company employees to represent their interest and determine how funds raised by the premium will be invested.

PROJECTS: A committee invest the premium in projects that address the needs of their families and communities.

Our Fair Trade Certified Strawberries

Check out of some of our conventionaland organic strawberry packaging!