Our Project:
SVC Fair Trade Health Clinic

Expo Fresh growers are committed to create and execute projects that benefit the well being of their workers, their families and their community. Improving working conditions is a priority for our Company. 

Back In 2017, San Vicente Camalu, an Expo Fresh grower, joined efforts to become Fare Trade Certified. From Certification to consumer purchase, the Fair Trade model is a cycle that ultimately improves the life of workers, farmers and their communities.

Fair Trade connects farmers and workers with the people who buy their products. A product with the Fair Trade logo means growers have met internationally agreed upon standards which have been independently certified. Workers decide on how they invest in and run their local organizations to having an equal say in Fairtrade’s decision-making.

From certification to consumer purchase and investment, the Fair Trade model is a cycle that ultimately improvs the lives of workers, farmers and their communities.

In 2017, we started selling Fair Trade Certified Organic Strawberries.

Building our Fair Trade Health Clinic

The Mexican Social Security program, known as IMSS, covers employees in the private and public sectors. All of our growers employees are covered by IMSS. However, there is limited availability of hospitals in the community, making it difficult for our workers to find a quick solution to receive health care. This led to the committee to invest their PREMIUM into a CLINIC that will help to solve their needs.

Fair Trade Comittee


Create and execute projects that benefit the company’s workers, their families and their community.


Our team is committed to continuous growth. Our goal is to collaborate more effectively in the execution of our present and future projects with Fair Trade Committee


At Expo Fresh we all share the same values of Honesty, Transparency, Respect, Empathy and Gratitude

Fair Trade Committee Election Process

Vote of the employees of the company to elect the integration of the Fair Trade Committee

Surveys for the first Fair Trade Project

SVC Health Clinic Project

Started construction in 2019.

Project Stages

Progress as of February 2020

Walls, floors, windows, clinic painting and 2 bedrooms for medical staff.

Progress as of January 2021

Walls, floors, windows, painting, sidewalks, services and courtyard of clinic and 2 apartments for doctors and medical staff.

Progress as of July 2022

Infrastructure, services, medical and dental equipment, monitoring of permits required for the start of operation of the Fair Trade clinic supervised by the SVC Fair Trade Committee.

Fair Trade Committees of the Walmart Pilot

Guadajara, Jalisco Mexico 2022.

Our Fair Trade Committee presented our SVC Health clinic project, to other committees of the states of Queretaro, Guanajuato and Jalisco, which are governed by the FAIR TRADE scheme in the Walmart Pilot.

Health Clinic Grand Opening

SVC Fair Trade Health Clinic